Contemporary Furniture

The contemporary style find its reason for being connected in between past and future, where classical style furniture leave the crowded ornaments and decorations, to easy and linear shapes. The bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms or dining rooms wear elegance due to the caring handcraft on every little detail. The furniture is built with a clear and pretty design.
The careful eye, experience and attention of master skilled artisan give the furniture proper dimensions and geometrical shapes to extol its beauty. Expert artisans are able to emphasize the harmony proportion of the whole house. One of the main skills of the master artisan is the capacity to enrich every room, giving practice and very elegant solutions too.
All the complements of furnish come alive, thanks to precious and fine woodwork with walnut, cherry, oak used in the classical style. Also but not least, with elm-tree and old fir tree, centuries old history is born again, thanks to a deep work of remaking.
Timber wood is preferred to make contemporary kitchen, where the wooden shelves and more modern material such as still and stonewear are used, without compromise the elegance of the shapes.
The shades and veins of the woods, carefully put together are in the line with perceptions chromatic of the place to furnish. To avoid, therefore, the excess of the past and exalting the characteristic of order and linear, typical of the contemporary style furnishings.