Country mountain furniture

If you try to identify a furnish with traditional values, like genuine artisan craft work, of ancient habits that were born in the past and carry on in the same custom of today, maybe it is not possible to find anything better than that of the country mountain style.
To furnish a house in the mountains means, first of all, to choose the woods as the main element. The wood with a warm tone can give the sense of a familiar, homely atmosphere.
The mountain chalets stand out from the unique rustic style with particular details.
The materials chosen are always antique, like: elm, fir, oak woods, like the need of find the excellence of the past. Sometimes young oak can be used too. The iridescent colour and vein of these woods give a particular and unique style.
Expert artisans enhance the quality of the material of every single item of furnish. Master artisans are able to carve flower decorations, peculiar ornament and fluting, using the know-how of traditional skills passed down from father to son.
Country Mountain Furnishings is used for: tavern, living room, where often the living room makes a unique room together with kitchen, or to fit out comfortable and spacious wardrobe rooms.
In order to get a mountain house familiar and warmly, it cannot be missing a big table, chairs, bench, cupboard, chest and sideboard. Of course, all solid woods are handmade.
Attention to detail during the project, the functionality, quality of materials and warmth of the colours, are the characteristic determinants of the mark of the country mountain style.