Classic furniture

When thinking of antique style of furnishing, it is not just about a kind of furniture, a specific material, or one room in the house.
Classic style is the glorification of beauty – meaning traditional, where the work of a skilful handcrafts maker is to passionately transform old wood to a functional and elegant masterpiece.
This passion and skilled hands of an artisan evolves in the uniqueness of quality. Artisan mastery, especially in this area of Italy, is handed down from father to son, where the culture of the past and quality brings out the best from the furniture.
The minute decorations and elegant inlay work requires seriousness and hard work, but is able to give the pleasure of seeing a timeless piece of furniture, that keeps its importance and grace throughout generations, notwithstanding the change in trends and fashion.To get an excellent result it’s very important a careful selection of essentials. The selection ranges from the brown color of walnut and walnut burl, intermediate shades of oak, light shades of lime; also cherry perfect as solid wood.Thanks to the creativity, great experience and culture of over forty years in the business, the raw materials are transformed into real work of art. The production process uses the best of traditional processing techniques.The classical style is perfect to furnish all the rroms, becouse the decorative and structural qualities of the furniture are the best to give a cool and elegant look. Whether it’s a room, living room a study or a dining room, going through corridors to end in the dressing rooms, the skilful work of master artisan can produce furniture with passion and commitment.