Contemporary Furnish

Contemporary Furnish

The furniture in a contemporary style, although it has its own special character and indicates a certain personality of those who choose it, does not present the typical characteristics so strict as to prevent contamination with other furniture styles. In particular, the lines, shapes and materials that characterize it, are inspired by the classic traditional furniture retro feel, and then adapt to the needs and technological developments of the modern world.

To decorate the house according to the dictates of contemporary style you have to prefer clean, simple lines, typically Nordic, which are reproduced in multiple geometric shapes to sublimate in a simple design and very nice from an aesthetic point of view.

The raw materials used for the realization of contemporary furniture are not much different from those chosen for the classic style. The construction material par excellence is the solid wood, preferably selected from forests and high quality. What changes, however, are the shelves, on which disappear almost all the glass and tissues, giving way to more modern steel (especially in the kitchen).

Even coatings adapt accordingly: the tiles can be made of stoneware or porcelain tile, plastered internal walls; while the soil is preferred resin, concrete floor, or the parquet.

A great contemporary furnishing advantage is its ability to adapt well to any type of space. Whether it’s decorating a large open space, a loft or a small apartment, the convenience, the simplicity and convenience of a contemporary solution can enhance any environment. Each piece of furniture is designed to be comfortable, space-saving, multi-functional as well as beautiful. Precisely for the reasons related to functionality and simplification of the home life, the contemporary style prefers a strong integration between mobile and advanced appliances; home automation, wireless and remote controls are essential.

The arrangement of the furniture in the various rooms is functional to the creation of an atmosphere of balance and harmony, while the materials are selected by virtue of a greater practicality of use and ease of cleaning, which is sometimes essential.

For example, for a contemporary kitchen are perfect smooth shelves and lacquered surfaces (glossy or matt) or silk-screened. In addition to wood there is the possibility that the furniture are constructed with innovative materials, such as Corian or silestone, the main features of which must still be the resistance and functionality.

Even in contemporary bedroom smooth shelves are the masters. Inlays and processes on solid wood cabinet, dresser and bedside tables, must be completely absent or, if you really did not want to do without, minimal, essential. The room could be completed with a mirror with clean lines, without a frame, and bedside rugs in light colors, in contrast with the furniture.

Finally, a nod to the color combinations: in general can be very determined, but the choice we try to respect the harmony, the feelings and the function of the room that you go to decorate. For example, for a bedroom it would be appropriate to move towards cold and soothing colors, conversely a kitchen could be furnished with warm, bright colors. the pastel colors are bandits, those with little “personality.”

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