How to decorate a mountain home

How to decorate a mountain home

Furnish a mountain house with great care and attention to detail is very important to make sure that the interior is in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape, with suggestions and emotions it evokes. A mountain house, in fact, is often the refuge in which to take shelter from the scorching heat and the anxieties of daily life to devote himself body and soul to relax, fully immersed in the wonderful natural landscapes.

The decor of a mountain chalet is predominantly rural, rich in references to tradition, meant to convey the serenity of a warm and cozy atmosphere that still does not neglect the attention to detail elegant.

The mountain décor may seem basic and not particularly elaborate, but actually what is behind the skilful mix of raw materials, processed as little as possible, with the attention to finishes and colors, is the creation of an environment particularly impressive , family and magnetic, from which he would never go away.

Among the essential elements when it furnishes a mountain house, you have to consider the wood. Used for lining the walls, ceiling and interior pillars, the floor, and of course for the realization of all the pieces of furniture: tables, chairs, benches, cabinets, shelves, bookcases, cabinets etc. The most used wood is fir, not only for its particular hardness and strength, but also for the pleasant smell of resin of which permeates the air, and for the warm tones which accord perfectly with the need for a relaxing environment.

Other material that goes well with the rustic style is the stone. The stone cladding can alternate with the construction of large chimneys of wooden beams. Just the chimney, in fact, combines all the spirit and essence sought in a mountain decor. Located in the heart of the room that is targeted, it is its center of gravity around which to rotate the other furnishings (sofas, tables, table and chairs). The fireplace is not only a pleasure for the eyes, but also a place in which to meet and enjoy the pleasure of a good book or a hot drink.

In a mountain house that also respects the choice of fabrics is essential to complement the decor. First of all you should not skimp on quantity: curtains, tablecloths, chair covers, bed covers, up to the finish for the sofas and armchairs, give a special touch to the house, enriching it with sophisticated details without being heavy. On fantasy you can indulge, although the preferred fabric design used the mountain remains the Scottish (or Tyrolean), consisting of a multitude of colorful lozenges.

The shades must still be warm, in tune with the surrounding wood and, if possible, to recall the natural elements. The colors used to decorate the houses in the mountains are red, green and blue. It must be said that even in recent years to the chalets there is a growing preference for a rustic style which blends with modern highlights. As a result the classic warm tones you can alternate some clearer such as beige or sand. The important thing is not to overdo it in the mix of colors and patterns.

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