How to decorate the house in classic style

How to decorate the house in classic style

One of the classic-main features is to be found in its being a real evergreen, immune to the trends of the moment. Those who choose this style for their homes, in fact, love the rustic furniture, made with quality woods, wise finishes and precious inlays, which are not affected fashion, but the challenge, to be always on top. Furnish a house in classic style then, is to make a decision that you find in traditional processes and the quality of his sources of inspiration materials.

Of course they have to take into consideration not only the structural features of the furniture, but also their size, the hue and the most suitable combinations for the different rooms.

Although the classic furnishings are not distinguished by their special features, but rather for style sophistication, they are almost always large and roomy. They are in fact perfect for spacious environments, since it is in these areas that the large size are more breathing, highlighting the beauty of an elegant and refined look.

All the elements that make up the classic furniture have to be coordinated, it is not appropriate to combine a mobile in a classical style by one from completely different design, without the risk of compromising its beauty by creating a combination of tune and out of place.

Classic cuisine, for instance, can not do without a nice big table of solid wood, preferably extendable, with chairs (or benches) also in wood. Among the furniture in this room you can not miss a show case with compartments exposed, in which expose services more valuable ceramics. The hob area can also be made of masonry, the important thing is that the doors are made of wood and have a brownish color or white.

You can enjoy greater freedom in the color preferences with regard to the other rooms. In particular in the drawing room, where the typical brown wood is possible to have some color pastel, always very clear, or shades like gold and burgundy. Both the sofa and the chairs, which are present in a living room furnished in classic style, must be padded, it makes no difference that the upholstery is in fabric or leather.

The classic bedroom is furnished with a large wooden wardrobe, always decorated and inlaid, and a very spacious bed, bed headboard (also wrought iron). The chest of drawers and bedside tables recall the colors and the style of the cabinet, so they are finely crafted and built with important woods such as walnut or cherry; possibly they come with marble countertops. On the dresser should not be missing a large mirror.

If space allows, you can complement the decor a trunk or a chest.

Close attention should be paid to the floor and accessories, such as fabrics, curtains, draperies, rugs or tablecloths. The floor can be tiled or marble, without departing too much from the typical colors of the classic style, while the hue and tissue fantasies should not go unnoticed. Much appreciated, for example, are the floral patterns for the curtains, the broad lines for the sofas and squares for tablecloths.

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